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What began as a Jewish mentorship experiment on a single university campus has quickly grown into a masterwork of Jewish engagement operating on 21 prominent college campuses across the country and beyond.

Launched in 2005, MEOR’s unique brand of Jewish leadership training, sophisticated text-based study and experiential education programming highlights the importance of Jewish values, identity and community. In just over a decade, MEOR has impacted more than 18,000 undergraduate students, encouraging them to connect with Judaism on their own terms and in their own time.

In 2016, MEOR established post-university programming to ensure that its alumni would have a familial Jewish framework for sustained growth as young professionals.

Now in its second decade, MEOR continues to ignite the Jewish flame within a new generation of young Jewish leaders who are hungry for community, continuity and connectivity.


Rabbi Aron Dovid Eisenmann

Rabbi Aaron Eisemann can’t seem to graduate university. After 22 years on campus, seven at the University of Michigan and 15 here at NYU he's as excited and passionate as an incoming freshman. His many adoring fans on campus, love his passionate presentations on Jewish thought, that enhance their lives with a deeper understanding, appreciation and love of Judaism.  Don’t forget to sign up for his weekly videos and podcasts!


Rabbi Eliyahu Greenberg

Rabbi Eliyahu Greenberg ('Eliyahu') received his B.A. from FDU and is now pursuing his Masters degree at NYU. He received his Rabbinical Fellowship Award from Beth Medrash Govoha and is a passionate Torah Scholar. In addition to having a background in finance and photography, Eliyahu, in his free time,  enjoys sharing a deep 'shmooz' exploring today's most relevant Jewish topics on campus. If you bump into him at NYU - feel free to ask Eliyahu about his scuba diving licenses as well as his drone photography. 

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